Inhale… exhale… seems simple, doesn’t it? We don’t usually have to be told to breathe, do we?

When hard times come, even the most natural, basic things can become difficult.

It was during a very difficult time in my family’s life that someone kindly put his hand on my husband’s shoulder and told us to “breathe deeply”. We both grabbed hold of those words like a life raft and held on with what strength we had left.

From then on, it became almost a mantra for us. Breathe. Just breathe, because some days that will be all you can manage.

Like the tiniest grain. A mustard seed of faith. The smallest offering to the One who makes this breathing possible.

breathe cottage 2

In the beginning, God breathed the breath of life into us. Now we are told that our life is like a breath, but we are to use it praise him.

It’s ok if there are days when all you can do is breathe. It’s how you use that breath that matters most.

This is where the idea of Breathe Cottage came from. A place to rest in His love. A place of encouraging hands and kind words. All offered up as a sacrifice of worship to the One who chose to breathe first.



9 thoughts on “breathe

  1. Can’t wait to read more. I’m focusing on this same concept and can’t wait to see what God has to share for us through you, His faithful servant!


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